Why Traveling for Addiction Treatment Improves Long-Term Recovery Results

Why Traveling for Addiction Treatment Improves Long-Term Recovery Results

Travelling for addiction recovery and treatment can produce many long term benefits in the recovery.

Faced with the challenge of locating and choosing the best rehabilitation facility for their loved one, the family and friends research and study the options and costs and often make mistakes by considering the wrong features and choosing the wrong facility and program.

Often, they choose a facility because it’s close to their home. Or, perhaps they were sold into a program by a high pressure ‘advisor’.  Maybe someone they know works there and highly recommends it. Whatever the reason… it’s:


The primary consideration must be for the patient and his success in recovery and rehabilitation. It’s crucial to find the right programs, in the best facility, and with the most talented and skilled staff.

Finding your rehab program and center will be one of the first recovery steps and it is a difficult decision to make.  There are many considerations and options that you must choose from all of the potential treatment options available.

There is another major factor that is usually overlooked, but should be seriously considered, and that is the location of the treatment center. The specific location can have a direct influence on the success and results of the recovery efforts of an addict.

Choosing your Addiction Treatment program in a distant Location

You will always have the option of choosing a facility close to your home. However, let’s consider the advantages you might have by choosing a distant location for your patient.

  • Keeping the patient in their recovery and rehabilitation program.

By choosing rehabilitation facility near his home the patient can enjoy visits from family and old friends.  That may seem like a good idea but often the family and friends are part of the problem.

Certain family members or questionable friends could actually be the cause of the addiction or even support the continuing addiction and secretly work against the recovery.

If the geographic location of the recovery and treatment center is far away from his home, those distractions will be removed and he will have a singular focus on his program without those negative and emotional influences.

  • Distanced from things reminding him of old behavior and habits.

A familiar landscape brings with it a reminder of the addictive life.  Just being in the same town or city and seeing the same people and places can bring with it a desire to return to the old ways.

  • Removes the proximity of bad influences.

Being in a new and unfamiliar distant location and not seeing those same people will reinforce his focus on the treatment program and help take his thinking away from the old familiar patterns and problems.

  • A location change can be inspiring and refreshing to patients.

We all usually love travel, exploring, seeing new places and meeting new people. A change of scenery and working on a recovery program in a new location can be very refreshing to recovering patients.

  • A new location will help break the old patterns and habits.

It’s simple.  A new location means new patterns and lifestyle changes.  Out go the old familiar habits and in come the new ones associated with the new location, new people, and a fresh and new atmosphere.

  • A distant location will remove the addict from previous unhealthy life situations and emotional influences.

The ‘fresh start’ aspect and greater focus that comes with choosing a distant location could be exactly what the addict needs to finally break his old substance abuse habit.

Help to Find the Right Treatment Center for Addiction

We have created a list of the most important questions you should ask when choosing a recovery and treatment program.  It would be very helpful to you in finding the perfect program for your loved one.  It’s totally Free of Charge.

You can download and read the PDF file by clicking here:

The Most Important Questions To Ask When Looking For the right Treatment Center.

A critical decision in finding the perfect addiction recovery program is deciding where your program should be located. We should now start considering the pros and cons of utilizing local programs and facilities vs. distant ones.

Travelling for the Best Recovery Program Vs. Staying Close to Home

Local programs offer several conveniences. They usually have no transportation issues to consider, they are close to family and friends for visitation and support, and they might make the patient more comfortable by undergoing treatment in a familiar area.

However, remote treatment has a lot of benefits as well. Let’s look at a few important factors to consider as you are making this important decision:

  • Stick to it.

It’s a proven fact that travelling to a remote treatment center reduces the chances of the patient leaving treatment early. The distance and the absence of personal transportation, or having nearby close allies, will usually prevent the patient from running away from the treatment program.

  • Wrong People.

There may be people in the patient’s life that would willingly undermine the recovery if they had access to or visitation with the patient during treatment. That won’t happen at a remote treatment center.

  • Distractions.

A patient can be severely distracted by local activates, work or family issues, or other distractions or problems if local treatment is chosen.  Remote treatment programs eliminate those kinds of distractions… you are just too far away to get involved.

  • Access to Family and Friends

Patients feel that they need to stay close to family and friends and shy away from distant recovery and treatment programs.

However, that very access to familiar surroundings and personal relationships can work against the recovery process. Frequent visits by friends and family can distract the addict from his recovery and jeopardize this progress and success in treatment.

The negative and toxic personal relationships are definitely harmful to the treatment program but even the positive relationships can be disruptive.

Because your family and friends love and care for you it might be hard to keep them away. A distant treatment program can provide the necessary buffer.

  • Luxurious Locations and Upscale Rehab

The stereotype image of a treatment center is a drab and plain building that looks more like a military barracks than the modern and nicely decorated and comfortable facilities that exist today.

Today’s contemporary facilities come in a wide variety of appealing locations and offer a wide menu of luxurious features.  You can find resort style treatment centers in different parts of the country that offer a quiet and peaceful recuperative environment in mountainous or beachside settings.

Most modern centers offer treatment programs that include exposure to their location features such as hiking a mountain trail or exercising on the beach.  Many include spa-like treatments and hotel style accommodations.

During your research you will likely find a program that is perfectly suited to your requirements and offers ideal conditions and features that will you’re your recovery easier and more successful. If that perfect facility happens to be away from your home, don’t exclude it just because of the distance.

·         New Location, Fresh Attitude

There are some really beneficial psychological benefits to the patient when they experience a treatment program in a distant and new location.

There is a complete ‘mind set’ involved in joining a new treatment program in a new place.

Aside from adjusting to the new accommodations and surroundings and getting familiar with the programs and staff, the process of working with new people and other patients, ones that are not from your city or town, has a tendency to keep your focus on the new recovery program and not on your past life and home location.

·         Distance Reduces Risk

Families and friends usually want to keep their addictive patient close to home. The think that they will be close and be able to help if something goes wrong.

The reality is that too much contact with family and friends can create  major problems for the treatment facilities. Often, visiting friends and family, especially the skeptical and negative ones, can have a serious impact on the treatments and therapies the patient is working with and can totally disrupt and destroy the progress  of the patient in treatment.

Also, when patients are in a familiar area and have drug or alcohol using contacts nearby, they are very likely to leave the treatment program and center and return to their previous addictive life.

Traveling for addiction treatment eliminates most of those possibilities.

·         More Triggers, More Problems

Let’s talk about ‘triggers’ for a moment. We define triggers or ‘relapse triggers’ as special thoughts or emotions, settings or locations, and certain memories that might motivate the patient to start using again.

An important part of any successful recovery is learning to recognize and avoid these triggers.

Some relapse triggers might include:

  • Any contact with drug-using friends.
  • Negative exposure to skeptical and unsupportive friends or family.
  • Emotional exposure to romantic partners.
  • Any Social settings where drugs and alcohol might be present.
  • Visiting locations where drugs and alcohol are commonly consumed.

For sure, there are more relapse triggers at home than in a location that is several hundred miles away. It’s a good idea to keep some distance between the recovering patient and their former unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Inspirational Recovery Communities

One final consideration in considering a distant treatment center is that they are usually located in an upbeat and inspiring community that supports the healing and recovery concept and offers acceptance and encouragement to not only the treatment center but also to the resident patients while in recovery.

Finding the Help You Need

One very successful Treatment Center that will fulfill all of your expectations and requirements is the lovely Chateau Recovery.

This energetic facility is nestled in a small resort town in the peaceful mountainous countryside outside of Salt Lake City. Chateau Recovery offers some very unique and successful Recovery and Treatment programs to suffering substance abuse patients from across the Nation and around the World.

Chateau Recovery Center
375 Rainbow Lane
Midway, UT 84049, USA
Phone: +1 435-654-1082

If you or someone you love has questions concerning the rehabilitation process, call our free helpline Phone: +1 888-971-2986 for more information. Calls are always confidential, private, and secure.

Please call our toll-free helpline which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is staffed by experienced and caring professionals who can answer your questions and help you navigate through the process of evaluating and securing a treatment program for your suffering loved one.

Please take a minute to read the Chateau Mission Statement

Whole Self
You may have been trying to convince everyone around you that you are not one-dimensional and don’t have simple problems.  We understand, and agree. Substance abuse is often an attempt to solve problems in one or more of these dimensions. Superficial labels and rigid diagnoses alone often ignore our humanity and often create shame, reactivity and exclusion.
Your recovery requires flexibility and hope!  
Understanding and treating all dimensions of your experience – with therapy, peer support, “safe” fun and adventure, healthy living, experiential learning – helps you get “unstuck” by opening up to new perspectives and creative opportunities to help yourself.
So here is our philosophy, as reduced as possible: every human being is composed of multiple internal systems.  Substance use and its lifestyle consequences affect most, if not all, of these systems.
One of our goals, at Chateau Recovery, is to educate and empower you and your family/support network so no one gets “stuck” in painful patterns of blame, denial, and attempts to control one another.
In the same way that your problems are not “simple”, the solution also requires vigilance, consistent practice, empathy and resilience. Most individuals, or sometimes families, don’t slow down long enough to really examine each dimension themselves.  The very act of slowing down and taking a closer look creates more insight and appreciation for overlooked details.  At Chateau Recovery, we remove the distractions and create an environment to help you slow down and examine Mental and Emotional Wellness, Biological Wellness, Family System Wellness, Social and Interpersonal Wellness, and Transcendence.  Each of these meaningful areas needs attention and healing.



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We also offer a very comprehensive printable checklist that can be very useful in finding the best Rehabilitation and Treatment Center.  It can be downloaded here in PDF form with no obligation.

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