Understanding Dual Diagnosis

Having a dual diagnosis means that more than one aspect of your life may be overwhelming and contributing to current symptoms or problems. Most people struggling with chemical use or trauma have underlying interpersonal or medical concerns that may not be immediately obvious but are negatively impacting your ability to function. Our goal is to identify and start treating all of your challenges in treatment.

If all aspects of an individual’s health are not addressed, the likelihood of relapse and stress remains high. Unidentified or under-treated concerns behave similarly to exposed nerves that trigger fear, pain, and negative coping skills if pushed. Protecting your future often requires addressing and understanding your dual diagnosis. We can help you get started.

Diagnosing the Issue

Everyone is unique and needs to be understood before they can make significant change. Defining problems and concerns are sometimes as important as defining solutions and resources. We want to help you identify underlying conditions, beliefs, and mindsets that may be driving substance use or trauma reactions. A dual diagnosis must be officially made by a psychotherapist or doctor, but if you suspect that you or a loved one might be dealing with these issues, please contact our team to set up a free initial assessment to discuss your concerns.

Treating Both Sides

If the root cause of an addiction or mental health issue is not addressed, the chance of relapse is higher since the problem is not completely resolved. Our team looks at psychological, genetic, development, personality, family systems, child development and environmental factors as well to ensure that any unresolved problems are addressed. Long-lasting and life-changing recovery cannot happen without examining and healing every aspect of one’s self.

Trained Professionals

Our team is made up of licensed therapists, medical professionals, nurses, and substance abuse counselors who are highly trained in diagnosing and treating individuals with a dual diagnosis. When you come to Chateau Recovery, you’ll meet with knowledgeable, experienced professionals who have extensive training with dual diagnosis issues and are ready to help you through your recovery and trauma healing.

Get Help Today

Whether you want to discuss what options are available to you, or you are ready to start the treatment process and begin the road to recovery, our team is ready to help. Please give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll schedule your initial assessment as soon as possible.

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