Physical and Substance Addictions

At Chateau Recovery, most people come to our facility for substance addictions. We excel at helping individuals overcome these addictions and find sobriety in their lives, but we are also highly skilled in treating physical addictions like sex, shopping, or gambling addictions. No matter what you are facing, our team is highly experienced at guiding you through the treatment process to break free from your addiction and find the freedom to live your best life.

Treatment doesn’t end when you leave our facility. We ensure that each individual is fully equipped to handle life after rehab, but we also offer after-care services, including individual and group therapy as well as family sessions, to help you maintain success on your path to recovery.

Addictions We Treat

At Chateau Recovery, we treat a variety of addictions, including substance abuse, chemical dependency, alcohol abuse, process addictions, sex addiction, shopping addiction, gambling addiction and more. 

Often, many people that enter rehab aren’t individuals that you would expect to have an addiction, like doctors or other professionals. We know that anyone can be susceptible to addictions, so our treatments cater to everyone. No two people are the same, so treatments are not the same either.

Healing the Whole Self

Our approach to addiction doesn’t just stop addictive behavior. Our professionals delve deeper into the root cause of the addiction to help you have a greater chance of successful recovery. We treat the physical, mental, emotional, and social sides of addiction to help you have the sober life you’ve been longing for.

Dual Diagnosis

Occasionally, addictions are caused by a mental disorder; and substance abuse can exasperate an untreated mental health condition. During our initial intake assessment, we will evaluate whether a dual diagnosis (an addiction and mental disorder) is appropriate for your unique situation.

Visit our dual diagnosis page to learn more.

Start Healing

You need not be a slave to your addiction any longer. Contact the team at Chateau Recovery to get started on the path to healing, recovery, and sobriety. 

Break Your Addiction