Chateau Recovery Testimonials

At Chateau Recovery, we focus on personalized treatment programs that lead to a fulfilling and independent lifestyle. We know that people succeed in their recovery when they are surrounded by support, freedom, and empowerment, so we use traditional and non-traditional approaches to help you on the path to lasting sobriety and a healthy future.

Words of Thanks

I walked in a very sad, stubborn man. I always believed it was my way, but my way didn’t work. I tried to play God. At the Chateau, I truly found my higher power. It’s more than just a treatment for addiction. It’s a program for self-worth and for people to find themselves again and become free. At the Chateau, I found that freedom.


The Chateau laid down the foundation for me to define my turning point. I found my personal turning point about a year after I left, but the Chateau helped me define that path. The Chateau program serves the struggling addict, the person who is lost and feeling defeated. The program gives hope.


“Drugs and drinking were a part of my being. I had the desperation of a dying man. Confronting emotions is the hardest part. I had been running from my emotions my entire life. The Chateau helped me confront my demons and lose the victim mentality that I had been entrenched in for years.

I thought rehab was for people who were weak, and that mentality kept me using for a really long time. Recovery has made me feel whole and made me see the light again.

I went to a lot of AA meetings and group therapy sessions and I never felt unity. At the Chateau, there is a bond that is pretty indescribable, and the staff goes out of their way to keep in contact with me. People at the Chateau get it. There’s a comfort here and it taught me how to be at ease with myself. I am able to bond myself with people and I haven’t been able to feel that for so long.”


“I was sick of who I’d become. At the Chateau, I figured out that I could do hard things. The support is there as soon as you make the decision that you want to change and get help, but no one is forcing you to do that. My therapist supported me enough to tell me the hard thing.

I’m still getting to know who I am, but I started that process while I was at the Chateau.”


When I realized that I was in desperate need of help, I looked diligently for a place I felt would provide me with safety and comfort to heal and recover. I am so happy that I chose Chateau! The facility is in a beautiful mountain valley providing a perfect place to build a foundation for recovery. The staff is excellent, the food was nutritionally well-balanced and delicious, and the rooms were clean and comfortable.

I was provided a personal counselor and was always welcome to meet with any of the counselors if I desired. I walked in the Chateau a broken, desperate person looking for answers and help. I left the Chateau with the tools to turn my life around and find purpose and balance to succeed, not just at staying sober, but staying mentally and physically healthy for the rest of my life! I will never forget, or regret, the 80 days I spent reclaiming my life with the help of these amazing individuals.


I feel like me again. I learned things at the Chateau to help myself. Be in the moment, be a spectator of your life and just view it. Be emotionally in it. View it for what it is.

My quality of life keeps me motivated now. I love my life! I love how I feel about myself and I don’t want to go back to how I was. I just want to live my life how I feel right now, even if it is simple, because I feel whole.

I have completely changed the way I view my life. My life is still the same, but my attitude and outlook have changed.


Coming into the Chateau, I was at the lowest spot in my life. I feel like a much better person than I was and it will always have a place in my heart. Having responsibility and accountability for someone other than myself, I learned that sometimes there are things you can’t control. Those types of things happen in real life and we all have to learn to come to terms with them.


I will forever be grateful to Chateau Recovery. For most of my adult life, I have struggled with self-worth and self-esteem issues. This has led to addictive behaviors such as gambling and alcohol abuse. Most recently, I have suffered from depression, anger, and a suicide attempt. The admissions team made for a smooth transition and they worked closely with my family.

Arriving at the Chateau was a scary situation for me but during my intake, Christie answered all my questions and put me at ease. The therapists at the Chateau have guided me in uncovering core issues that had led to my addictive behaviors and my mental states. Through group and individual therapy, I have been educated and challenged to dig deep to address my issues.

I am leaving the Chateau with self-worth. I have learned to cope and deal with life’s issues in a healthy way. The staff and therapists are remarkable, caring, and professional. I highly recommend the Chateau for anyone suffering and looking for a self-reliant life.


Much more than I expected. A first-rate facility in a breathtaking setting, but what really stands out is the staff — perfect for confronting my demons and establishing a foundation for true recovery from addiction. Cliche, but my experience at the Chateau was life-changing.


I was selfish. I thought I could white-knuckle it and do it myself. That never happened. I was tired of losing everything. Chateau Recovery helped me admit I was wrong. They showed me how to find myself again and helped me begin my journey.


My recent 45-day stay at the Chateau changed my life forever. I have been fighting some issues that cause me some severe depression and then it led to substance abuse and alcohol abuse. I went there for a better life. I found more than I ever imagined. They got to the core of my behavior problems and taught me how to live, laugh, and treat others in a loving way and myself as well. It was truly a blessing, a gift, and I can never give back what they gave to me.

Their team is top-of-the-line, from their knowledge, the tools they provide, and their caring way. I got my life back, I got me back, and I am forever grateful. Thank you, with all my heart.


I just completed my stay at Chateau Recovery and I can proudly say that it has changed my life forever. I came here a desperate, suicidal wreck and just the thought of how much I have grown, and the changes I have made, makes me want to cry.

After just 69 days of therapy, group, and meetings, I have more love for myself and I am happier than at any time in my whole life. Very special thanks to Christie for her diligence in helping me get here. And to all of the therapists, counselors, and staff for making my stay here so memorable and amazing. The Chateau saved my life, literally!