Stacey Stocking

Therapist (ACMHC, ASUDC)

Stacey has worked in the mental health and recovery field since 1989. He graduated from the University of Utah with his degree in History, 1990. Stacey became licensed in Therapeutic Recreation in the 1990’s, and is currently a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist licensed in the state of Utah. Stacey completed studies in substance abuse counseling through the University of Utah department of social work in 2006 and became a licensed substance abuse (now substance use disorder) counselor that same year. In 2012 he became an Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counselor. Stacey completed his master’s degree at University of Phoenix in December of 2015 in clinical mental health counseling. Stacey will become a licensed clinical mental health counselor in early 2018. Stacey brings a variety of life and clinical experience to Chateau.

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