Laurie Dinges

RN, BSN, Registered Nurse
“Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.”  -Isaac Newton
Hobbies: camping, continuing education, organization, and making memories
I was a firefighter/EMT, and really enjoyed my years in service. I began work in a hospital as a cardiovascular technologist/cardiac sonographer, specializing in hearth catheterization/ECHO. After taking time off work to follow my goal of being a director of an orphanage/school in Bolivia, I decided to pursue a nursing license. During nursing school, I completed a rotation in a methadone clinic. The methadone clinic rotation was my first exposure to the SA community, which is where I witnessed the struggle and success of individuals working towards recovery.
I am passionate about the SA community, and liken the transformation to cooking an intricate meal. We start with the raw ingredients, and add insight, sprinkled with tools. Then the whole pot is set to simmer, giving the client opportunity to practice and refine these new skills before discharge. Upon discharge, the client is clear of substances, and equipped to use their tools/skills to navigate their path in recovery.
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