Brennan Watkins

Admissions Specialist
Brennan comes to us with over ten years of experience in technical sales and marketing. While his first job was taken “just to get by,” he learned quickly that he had a serious passion for people. This discovery blossomed into an insatiable need to study how to communicate more effectively, and the numerous ways in which psychology affects how people think, act and ultimately make decisions.
Through personal and anecdotal experience, Brennan has developed strong opinions on addiction and the underlying mental health issues that often accompany it. He was drawn to Chateau Recovery because his personal conclusions were perfectly in line with our dual diagnosis approach. Brennan’s passion for people has compelled him to help others who are just starting on their personal journey to recovery. He feels that everyone should work to understand themselves and discover where their individual happiness lies – and then PURSUE IT.
Outside of work, Brennan spends the majority of time with his beautiful wife, two children and a cat. He enjoys making people cry on the ping pong table, playing racquetball, longboarding, and learning a little bit about everything (which often involves burying his nose in sales / marketing / self-help books).
“There is no one else that you’ll spend life longer with than yourself. You might as well learn to love that person.”