September 23, 2020
how the body changes in recovery

How the Body Changes When Going Through Recovery

The effects of drug and alcohol use can be long-lasting, depending on the intensity that someone would use them, as well as how frequently they would be used. How drugs affect the body, drug sores on arms, and drug abuse skin problems can all be intense issues to deal with, especially during the beginning stages of recovery. Physical recovery from alcoholism and the brain’s recovery from alcohol all take just as much time to address. However, as someone stops using drugs or alcohol and begins their journey through recovery, their body can readjust and begin to acclimate to their new lives in sobriety. Recovery on a physical and mental front […]
August 20, 2020
heroin addiction

Opiate Addiction: How Quickly Can You Get Addicted?

Addiction is a complicated topic, as it can take many forms and express itself differently depending on each individual person. There are an innumerable number of factors that go into determining if someone is addicted. Some people may try something once and not feel the urge to return to it, while others may find themselves thinking about using a substance again soon after they are introduced to it. With so many different environmental and biological factors at play, it is common to wonder if drugs like heroin are addictive after one use. Different drugs will also have different levels of addiction, with opiates, especially heroin, being some of the most […]
August 16, 2020
beating withdrawal insomnia

Withdrawal Insomnia: How to Sleep During Opiate Withdrawals

Withdrawal from opiates is a difficult, but necessary, step in addiction recovery. Regardless if someone is in recovery from heroin or prescription opiates, addictions can develop. Addressing these addictions is a complicated matter that involves detoxing one’s body, and experiencing the uncomfortable world of withdrawal. Withdrawal’s symptoms can affect someone on both a physical and mental health level, and their effects are felt for a long period of time. While knowing how long withdrawal will last can vary from person to person depending on many factors — such as frequency of use, time addicted, how much was used at one time, and biological and genetic components — it is common […]