November 23, 2020

Tips for Managing Depression Daily

Depression can be an incredibly difficult thing to overcome. Depression affects each individual differently, but there are ways for each person to learn how to cope with depression. However, those suffering from it can feel like even minor tasks are mountains that need to be overcome. Learning what causes depression, as well as how to relieve depression daily, can provide a person with the groundwork they need to establish a healthy, productive daily routine. Implementing daily practices can add the needed stability and consistency that someone may need through their day as they learn how to control depression for themselves.  What Is Depression?  Depression is a mood disorder that can […]
November 12, 2020

Alcoholism in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are under an immense amount of stress on a daily basis. Due to the dangerous nature of their work, stress and PTSD can be common occurrences among police. With constant stresses, public scrutiny, and a stigma that surrounds reaching out for mental health support, many officers may attempt to self-medicate their stresses to give their brains a break from this persistent sense of danger, with alcohol being a common avenue for self-medication. Left unchecked, these coping strategies can create even more stress, as well as the risk of addiction, ultimately adding more danger to the already fragile nature of their work. Talking about the common presence of […]
November 9, 2020

Addressing the Stigma of Mental Health in First Responders

First responders are subject to any number of traumatic situations. From life-threatening encounters to scenes of domestic abuse or destructive and bloody crime scenes, the mental health of first responders is always a concern. However, due to the stigma associated with PTSD, trauma, or mental health, first responders may not reach out to others for the support they need to process each traumatic event. First responder stress can go unchecked, and lead to a number of other problems that they may have to face. Normalizing counseling for first responders and breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental health can allow each first responder to comfortably reach out for the help […]
October 31, 2020
EMS professional responding

Signs of PTSD in First Responders

First responders are exposed to some of the most traumatic near-death experiences and asked to run towards these dangers and disasters in an effort to save the people therein. Their work is noble, but it comes at a cost. First responders are at very high risk for developing many different mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and especially post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD.) Symptoms of PTSD can be difficult to spot, depending on the person, but there are signs of PTSD in EMS workers and first responders that can help determine if professional therapy for trauma or PTSD treatment may be necessary.  PTSD Is Common and Dangerous in First Responders […]
October 27, 2020
law enforcement stress

Manage Stress as a Law Enforcement Officer

Being a cop is extraordinarily stressful due to the constant array of dangerous situations and uncertainties they are exposed to. For a law enforcement officer, learning techniques for police stress management is paramount, as it can make the difference in someone’s own mental health, as well as their actions when in the heat of a high-stress situation. There are programs that help police officers deal with stress, but it is also important to know personal strategies in order to help self-regulate someone’s stress management. Police and stress go hand in hand, and there won’t be a situation where a law enforcement officer’s job isn’t filled with potential dangers. As a […]
September 23, 2020
how the body changes in recovery

How the Body Changes When Going Through Recovery

The effects of drug and alcohol use can be long-lasting, depending on the intensity that someone would use them, as well as how frequently they would be used. How drugs affect the body, drug sores on arms, and drug abuse skin problems can all be intense issues to deal with, especially during the beginning stages of recovery. Physical recovery from alcoholism and the brain’s recovery from alcohol all take just as much time to address. However, as someone stops using drugs or alcohol and begins their journey through recovery, their body can readjust and begin to acclimate to their new lives in sobriety. Recovery on a physical and mental front […]