September 18, 2020
life after recovery from addiction

Life After Addiction: 5 Steps for Rebuilding

Addiction recovery involves many different steps. While there are many steps that someone has to take when first beginning their addiction recovery treatment, such as detox and learning applicable coping mechanisms and life skills, there are also many changes that occur after someone has gotten to the later stages of their recovery. Achieving and maintaining sobriety are difficult tasks, but there are also many other aspects that someone has to address in life after recovery from addiction. Life after addiction is very complicated and needs to be broken down into manageable steps. Rebuilding life after addiction will be a complicated process but is definitely possible with the right mindset and […]
August 23, 2020
addiction relapse

Slip vs. Relapse in Recovery: What’s the Difference?

Slips and relapses are constant obstacles during recovery from an addiction of any kind. No matter what substance or practice that someone is addicted to, there will be urges to revert back to addictive and destructive practices. While someone should establish coping strategies to deal with these urges early on, there is always a chance that someone will experience a slip or relapse in their recovery. Even if this is the case, there is always a way to get back on track with recovery. Understanding slips and relapses, and what to do when you relapse, can help each person set appropriate personal strategies for their recovery going forward. Even if […]