August 28, 2020
writing an intervention letter

Five Tips for Writing an Intervention Letter (Sample Included)

Deciding to host an intervention for a family member or loved one is a difficult decision. It can often feel like a last resort in order for someone to realize the extent to which their addiction has affected their lives and the lives of those around them. Interventions are very intense and emotional experiences for every person involved, and as such, carry a large degree of risk when implemented. Not only is it important to know about the various ways that interventions can affect someone suffering from addiction, but it is also important to ensure that the intervention itself is practiced and delivered with intention. Intervention letters are a great […]
July 20, 2020
What Is Addiction & How it Develops

What Addiction Is & How it Develops

What is addiction? Addiction is a complicated topic, and a single addiction definition is difficult to quantify. Not only are there many misconceptions about addiction from the outset, but there are also complicated steps that someone needs to take to begin their recovery from an addiction of any kind. As research into addiction began in the 1930s, many prevailing theories stated that addiction was a result of a moral failing. Fortunately, much of the science revolving around addiction has evolved and there is a better understanding that addiction is a medical disease. However, many of these original notions continue to create stigmas about the nature of addiction and the people […]
July 6, 2020
How to Overcome Addiction

How to Overcome Addiction

Addiction is a disease that affects a very large portion of the population. Addictions are often thought of as just pertaining to drugs and alcohol. While these substances are highly addictive and can lead to destructive consequences, there are many addictions that go unnoticed that also need to be addressed. Sex, gambling, porn, food, caffeine, and social media are just the beginning of an extensive list of potential addictions that someone can develop. However, each person who suffers from addiction will have to face a crossroads between continuing their practice with addiction or choosing to change it. Addiction is something that affects someone on a biological level, both in mental […]