October 23, 2020
first responder suicide

Suicide in First Responders: The Impact of Trauma

Experiencing any kind of trauma can have a huge effect on someone’s mental health and can change their outlook towards the world around them. Trauma is a part of daily life for first responders, as they are not just tasked with, but expected to run head-first into dangerous, traumatic, and life-threatening events from violent shootings to fires and other natural disasters. Exposure to this consistent stream of traumatic experiences takes its toll on each person, and as a result, the effects of trauma can build up inside the minds of first responders. Not only can this lead to a number of dangerous practices, such as trying to self-medicate one’s trauma […]
October 9, 2020

What do Track Marks Look Like and What Do They Mean?

There are many different health risks involved with the usage of drugs, but the use of intravenous (IV) drugs can pose even more potential health risks. Track marks are a major indicator that a loved one has been using any number of harmful drugs, and knowing the signs and how to spot track marks can help open a dialogue about what steps to take to help someone regain control over their lives. Track marks are indicative of a variety of serious issues, and the detrimental health effects they imply need to be addressed quickly before the damage to one’s body is allowed to continue. What Do Track Marks Look Like […]