Sober Ideas

Panorama of the colorful summer evening in the mountains.

Living a life of sobriety, is often difficult. It’s like learning how to walk all over again.  Losing your crutch or drug, can cause a lot of emotions.  Especially when it’s that time of year again, where the temperatures get hotter & the alcoholic beverage advertising gets stronger. You’re probably wondering “How do I have fun being Sober?” Here’s a list of ideas of fun things to try now that you’re sober

1. Hiking- Get out of the house and get some air.  There’s probably a really cool trail close to your house that you’ve never tried.
2. Get a gym membership. Set fitness goals & stay in shape.
3. Join a league- Check you’ll local community for sober teams
4. Road trip- grab some sober friends and explore.
5. Go to meetings and conventions- Great way to meet people
6. Take a class or go back to school- It’s never too late to learn something new.
7. Go golfing- Even if you just hit a bucket of balls.
8. Find a new friend. Meeting new people with new ideas and hobbies is a great way to try new things. Plus you’ll have someone to join you!
9. Learn to cook- When was the last time you made someone dinner?
10. Take your kids to the park- Now that you’re sober you can actually play with your kids! Try out the slide!
11.  Go camping- This one seems to be a tough one for some. But build a bonfire and see how many stories come up!
12.  Attend a concert- everyone loves music and it’s fun to go with friends.
13. Enter a race or start training for one- Try doing a mud run and just a simple 5k.