Smart Recovery Support Group

Cost: Free to attend
When: Tuesdays at 6pm.
Where: Chateau Recovery - 375 Rainbow Lane, Midway, UT 84049.
Smart Recovery takes a 'self-empowering' approach that works towards empowerment, activity and courage.
It means that when cravings strike – rather than leave for meetings, you simply take the initiative to deal with the rising urge. This is really beneficial when self-help meetings are not readily available for support. If problems arise, you simply make the decision to solve each of the problems to the best of your ability.
Practical Recovery is all about identifying the issues people have, including cravings and invoking the motivation necessary to address issues in the moment. Whatever the personal problem is, it's about working towards changing the situation, enhancing relationships and accomplishing a lifestyle balance.
Essentially SMART (self-management and recovery training) offers a couple of steps as well and just LIKE 12-Steps, seeks to help addicts to successfully recover from addiction.
With SMART the religious prayer angle is not there and makes it the most flexible recovery method to use as an AA alternative or as a replacement to other therapies or programs to enhance lasting success in recovery and make addiction recovery effective.
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