Our Team

Chateau Recovery welcomes individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, struggling with chemical dependence issues ...
Regardless of your previous treatment or recovery experience, our goal is to expose you to a diverse range of support groups, mental health tools and new perspectives.
To help you recover, we need to fully understand you, your background and your future goals. That's why we have built a talented and experienced team of men and women with extremely diverse skill sets.
Our team active listens to YOU, and helps you take positive steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Every member of our team can offer genuine life changing guidance and direction.
We're standing by waiting to help! Ready to get started?

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A Team Committed To Your Recovery

Clinical Director (LCSW)
Medical Director
Therapist (ACMHC, ASUDC)
National Business Development Representative
Director of Public Safety Support
RN, BSN, Registered Nurse
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