How You Can Help Your Loved One

illuminating your loved ones

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One of the key factors in helping those you love is to make sure you are not only to offer strength to help, but that you also set an example of living a balanced life and you are able to deal with disappointment should your loved one choose a life style that is harmful or non-productive.  You should be actively engaged in your transcendent and emotional life.  Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How often do you appreciate beauty or quality?
  • How often are you alone with your thoughts and pondering?
  • What is your awe, wonder, and gratitude quotient?
  • What are your most essential, important and vital values?
  • How are your daily actions guided by those values?
  • How often do you get down into the muck, din, confusion and messiness of humanity?
  • How is your spirituality when you are not in a spiritual, awe-inspiring place?
  • How is humility taught?  How is humility gained?
  • What is the importance of learning how to trust?
  • How much struggle do you allow yourself and your children?


What to do

  • Be responsible (your loved one may dislike you).
  • Be accessible and available.  Allow problems and feelings to be brought to you, but also create a culture where problem analysis replaces blame.
  • Be vigilant, aggressive.  Real friends and loving family members are willing to do the dirty work.
  • Learn from the pros, but do not give blind obedience.  Everyone must evolve.
  • Pay attention to details.  Helping others with struggles is hard work.
  • Anticipate, don’t be lulled into complacency.
  • Don’t let your ego get wrapped up in caring.  If those you love fail, be disappointed and sad, but not devastated.  
  • Be optimistic and hopeful.  Caring for others is long-term.  Short-term results are often disappointing and discouraging.  Persevere.
  • Have fun.  Take your work seriously, but not yourself.  Work hard and play hard.


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