Welcome, Chateau Recovery Alumni!

Recovery resources don’t end when you leave our facility. Chateau Recovery offers weekly group therapy for our esteemed alumni. The program is completely free as long as you have completed at least one month of treatment services at Chateau.

Continued Support

Navigating recovery and sober living can be difficult, especially if family or friends aren’t supportive or understanding of your new lifestyle. At these alumni therapy sessions, you’ll be surrounded by other people on the same journey as you. We celebrate every success, talk through any struggle, and buoy each other up to stay strong and focused through sobriety.

Every session is run by one of our knowledgeable and experienced staff so that you have the continuity of those who helped you through rehab being there to help you as you continue on your path. Many alumni have reported that this continued support made a huge difference in maintaining their sobriety and recovery.

Family Sessions

If your loved ones are struggling to adjust to the new you or need help knowing how to support you through recovery, they can attend our weekly, free family support sessions. This program is perfect for families who have tried other family programs but haven’t found success with them. Our team provides a confidential, therapeutic environment to help your loved ones understand how to support you through your recovery.

You can learn more about alumni and family support services by calling Chateau Recovery at (888) 971-2978. We look forward to helping you continue your life-changing road to sobriety.

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