Chateau Recovery believes in serving those that serve and protect us. We offer a First Responder Resiliency Program that provides public safety professionals with a safe environment in which to address their specific needs.

First Responders

First responders endure countless complex and traumatic experiences during their careers. There are physical and mental health consequences associated with public safety and repeated exposure to trauma. Physical symptoms of painful traumatic events are often easier to identify. Consequences of unresolved psychological pain and stress are harder to identify. They often present as job stress (PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc.), familial adversity, social stress and substance abuse.

Chateau Recovery is a culturally competent First Responder Resiliency Program. We provide public safety professionals with a safe environment to address their specific needs. Our program provides a comprehensive approach in building resiliency through peer support, self-care, stress management, while addressing various responses to trauma. Prior to completing our First Responder Resiliency Program, responders develop a comprehensive plan for reintegration to their personal and professional environments.


Utilizing the Arbinger Institute’s philosophy and training, Chateau Recovery helps First Responders build resiliency by addressing the underlying issues and bringing about a fundamental shift in mindset. This approach allows First Responders to address trauma, shame, guilt, and stress and to heal the relationships that have inevitably been impacted. To effect lasting change, we address the six dimensions of wellness through the lens of shifting mindset. First Responders gain the tools to build resiliency, process stress, and cope with trauma.


Complex Treatment

Comprehensive Assessment and Testing
Support for PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety
Substance Abuse and Trauma Specific Support
Complex Stress and Trauma Resilience Training
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training

Transition Support

Family Education
Comprehensive Discharge Planning and Suppor
Resiliency Through Practical Experience
Tailored Contact with Home CISM Team

First Responder Resiliency Program

Rebuilding and improving the ability to function after traumatic and/or stressful experiences can be overwhelming. Our program helps professionals to look at complicated underlying issues that fuel problematic behaviors in each of the six dimensions identified below. These Issues are connected and can be confusing to address. We provide professional support to individuals who need help organizing and overcoming complex mental health and substance concerns. Within a short amount of time, we help First Responders identify goals, skills, and motivators that allow them to overcome personal challenges and to create a fulfilling life in their home environment.

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