Help for First Responders

Being a first responder takes a physical and mental toll on everyone in the field. Frequent and repetitive exposure to traumatic experiences on the job often result in unexpected and negative impacts on the mental health and family relationships of those who serve. These people put their own lives on the line to serve and protect our communities, and they are not immune to needing help with the resultant challenges. That’s why Chateau Recovery offers a First Responder Resiliency Program, providing public safety professionals with a safe environment to address their specific needs.

Why Get Help

Due to repeated exposure to trauma, many first responders experience physical and mental fatigue throughout their careers. While physical symptoms are easier to identify, mental and psychological problems often get missed, left undiagnosed, or not treated at all. Many responders don’t get the help they deserve until the problem is too complex, persistent, and overwhelming for them to manage with a weekly visit with a therapist.  These problems can manifest as job stress, PTSD, anxiety, depression, family problems, and substance abuse.

First Responder Program

Chateau Recovery offers the First Responder Program, created as a safe space for these professionals to address the physical and mental needs that many tend to ignore. This program focuses on peer support, self-care, and stress management to help build resilience while we address responses to trauma. First responders will gain comprehensive skills and resources to be able to fully reintegrate into their personal and professional lives.

Why It Works

Our program is different from others because we look beyond simply adjusting some concerning behaviors and help them explore the mindset, trauma, and environment that contributed to their current challenges. Our philosophy utilizes concepts from comprehensive health models, Arbinger Outward Mindset Training, and trauma-informed therapies. This systems helps us to address immediate concerns and underlying issues at the same time.

Complex First Responder Treatment

Some of our complex treatments include:

  • First Responder Support Meetings on site
  • Comprehensive assessment and testing 
  • Support for PTSD, depression, and anxiety 
  • Complex stress and trauma resilience training 
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction training

Transition Support

Healing and recovery don’t end when you leave our facility. We offer transition support, including:

  • Weekly Family education and support
  • Self Leadership Plan creation and sharing
  • Discharge planning and support 
  • Resiliency through practical experience
  • 12 month agency-responder aftercare support

Reach Out Today

If you or a loved one are a first responder and could benefit from focused, comprehensive therapy and treatments to ease the stresses and traumas of your career please contact the team at Chateau Recovery today. We are here to help you find peace and resiliency as you move forward toward your future.

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