Our Recent Feature on All Kinds of Therapy

Our addiction recovery program was recently featured on All Kinds of Therapy, a popular blog that highlights quality programs around the country.

If you are trying to look for very specific qualifications for the program you think would help you the most, AKoT is a great place to start searching! They break each addiction recovery center down to its most basic program components.

Many people don’t realize how many different elements there are to recovery programs. When faced with the crisis of a loved one who needs immediate help, some people are less concerned with program curriculum, and more concerned with who can bring them in first.

All programs are not the same. Some focus on 12-step exclusively, with very little individual therapy. While there are some cases of only substance abuse, the vast majority of residents we see are struggling with substance abuse plus a co-occurring disorder – everything ranging from depression and anxiety to personality disorders. When other mental health conditions aren’t diagnosed and addressed, the root cause of the substance abuse doesn’t go away.

Our clinical program is focused around addressing these core issues. Our residents spend more time working on their own mental health than they do addressing substance use. They spend three hours per week individually with one of our four masters level mental health therapists. They attend another ten hours of psycho-educational group therapy with the rest of our residents.

In addition to valuable resources like All Kinds of Therapy, we would love to educate you on certain questions you should be asking your treatment provider. After all, we want our residents to overcome the main problems – not what are causing them.

Call us to find out the most important things to consider when exploring inpatient residential treatment.

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