About Chateau Recovery

Substance Abuse, Trauma, and Mental Health Experts in Utah

Expert Team

Our staff is ready and waiting to assist you

Holistic Treatment

We treat the whole self with all 6 Dimensions

Year Round Care

Chateau Recovery operates 365 days a year

After-Care Support

We provide group & peer support after rehab

The Chateau Mission

To empower and equip those who strive for hope, health, and a new mindset in recovery. We believe in working with you and your support network to break free from the stigmas of addiction. We provide you with the help and resources to enjoy life-changing sobriety.

Building Strong Foundations

We customize treatment to your personal circumstances to maximize results. By combining methodologies, we’ve created a world-class, comprehensive rehab center. We help heal the whole self building a foundation to recovery and lasting sobriety.

Importance of Growth

We succeed by growing and adapting to new treatments and approaches. We frequently consult our alumni to see where we are succeeding and where we can improve. Our staff stays up to date on treatments and advancements ensuring the best approach available.

How We Help

We create an environment for you to heal, turn weaknesses into strengths, and fulfill your potential. Our staff are trained trauma, addiction, mental health, and dual diagnosis specialists. Our client-to-patient ratios is among the highest in the industry. Our counselors, therapists, and addiction specialists help you find a path to lasting sobriety.

Mature Population

Treating individuals 30 and over ensures that clients are going through treatment with their peers and with individuals in a similar phase of life.

Whole Self

Accepting, exploring & treating 6 dimensions of your whole self. We understand your unique development & needs for your journey forward.

Growth Mindset

We help focus your energy on developing a healthy and empowered growth mindset. We cultivate a mindset that accepts difficulty & imperfection.

Personal Resilience

We help develop a resilient & healthy relationship with stress and change. We help you improve skills, refocus personal values & be resilient in the face of unexpected pain and trauma.

After-Care Support

Our care and support doesn’t cease once you’ve completed your stay. We know integrating into the real world, with all its potential triggers and stressors, can easily derail progress and your new life.

Support System

At Chateau Recovery, we believe firmly in staying in touch with our alumni for continued support and feedback.

Group Therapy

With group & family therapy, our team is ready to help through every step and ensure your continued success.

Our Facility

We offer a comfortable environment to challenge yourself, heal and grow. Chateau is safe, peaceful & comfortable setting to overcome your struggles. Our luxurious and calming settings are perfect for reflection, planning and rebuilding.

16 Bed Facility

With no more than 16 clients at any given time, we able to provide a strong therapeutic community and peer support.

Individual Focus

Individual attention & access to professionals allows intimate groups to be more vulnerable and ultimately more effective.

Year Round Care

We operate 365 days a year and are available for stays up to 90 days.

Seclusion in Utah

Our location offers a private environment to practice positive lifestyle change.

Meet Our Team

At Chateau Recovery, each member of our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the life you are striving toward. Our knowledgeable and experienced team has the skills and expertise to help you discover sobriety

Danny Warner


Danny Warner serves as CEO of Chateau Recovery. He has a broad range of experience in business operations, identifying and forming strategic alliances and partnerships, shaping future opportunities and turning around distressed businesses. Prior to starting Chateau Recovery, Danny served as President of Mediconnect Global and Mediconnect’s offshore operations. He has held a variety of senior leadership positions including Executive Vice President of Business Development for Klever Marketing, Inc., Founder and President of WO Investing, Inc., Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Sales for PerfectPractice, Director of Business Development for FreePort.com and a strategy consultant with The Monitor Company. In these capacities, Danny delivered significant results and implemented multiple new business initiatives and business turnarounds. He studied Economics and History at Brigham Young University.

In all of Danny’s experience his favorite has been working as a trail walker and counselor with troubled teens at the Anasazi Foundation. In this capacity he had the opportunity to work closely with teenagers who were dealing with negative situations in their lives, and teach them the tools necessary to make significant changes. Outside of work, Danny spends his time creating a life with his amazing wife Melissa and his four young children, three boys and a little girl. He enjoys the outdoors, playing soccer, tennis, skiing and animals.

“I believe in what we do. I know our program works; I have seen it first hand. I am continuously in awe as I witness our clients’ success, reach or exceed their goals, and re-establish precious relationships with those they love. As an individual begins the rebuilding process, it’s inspiring to watch their lives transform as they regain hope. I consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of their journey.”

Ben Pearson

Clinical Director

Over the last 17 years, Ben has enjoyed working with clients and families in conditions ranging from in-home consultations, outpatient offices, wilderness treatment, and adult residential treatment. Addiction and mental health treatment are issues close to Ben’s heart and motives his desire to help create a unique treatment experience for individuals and families.
As Clinical Director, Ben enjoys working with passionate and gifted clinicians and professional program staff that believe in helping clients reconnect with personal values and rebuild their lives despite mental health and addiction challenges. Teaching, empowering, and supporting courageous transformations everyday are some of the many things that keep Ben excited about the work that is happening at Chateau Recovery.
With the support of his team, Ben created the Chateau Recovery curriculum and phase system. This one-of-a-kind program helps clients and family members create comprehensive self-care plans, remodels their mindset about themselves and others, and strengthens skills and insights related to stress and trauma.
Ben enjoys soccer, tennis, and fishing. He keeps busy with home remodeling projects, exploring the wilderness with his wife and five beautiful children.

Thayer Crouse

Director of Professional Services

Thayer is an athlete turned National Outreach Professional pursuing his passion of helping others get treatment for substance abuse, ptsd and trauma. Thayer has spent the last 5 years of his professional life working closely with the First Responder community learning about the unique challenges they face to overcome the hazards of their profession
As a National Outreach Professional, he is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with departments and agencies while providing valuable resources for First Responders and their families suffering from PTSD, Trauma, and Substance Abuse.
“Chateau Recovery is a special facility that has created a unique culture for its patients and employees. I’m ecstatic to join a committed and passionate team of professionals that share my vision on client care and making a difference in the behavioral health community”
When he isn’t working, you’ll find Thayer on the golf course, spending time with his family, and spoiling his dogs”

Blake Rapier

Physicians Assistant

Blake attended Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University for his undergraduate degree in Biology before studying medicine in Ohio where he graduated first in his class and Magna Cum Laude from the University of Findlay Physicians Assistant Program. He then began his medical career in 2006 practicing family medicine and emergency medicine. In 2018, Blake started in the field of addiction medicine and helped establish an addiction treatment facility in Utah and continues to oversee the inpatient medical detox to help individuals achieve their goals of sobriety. He is certified and credentialed with the American Society of Addiction Medicine and recognized with SAMHSA and DEA.

Austin Pederson

Program Director

Austin’s greatest passion is helping bring healing to those that have suffered traumatic or stressful experiences. He has been working in the substance abuse and mental health field for the last 4 years, after starting a journey on his own recovery path he now loves working with individuals and their families to educate and support them as they begin their journey to recovery. In his free time you can find him spending time with his service dog Delilah, or out on the golf course with friends and family.

Amy Young

Director of Nursing

Amy has over 18 years of nursing experience, most of which was spent in the ER/Trauma Team. She transitioned to flight nursing and spent a year working on a rotor wing helicopter before returning to the ER. After struggling with addiction herself, she spent some time in treatment and recovery and her focus started shifting to helping others struggling with mental health and addiction. A few years ago the opportunity to start working in a treatment center presented itself and she never looked back. She has been the Director of Nursing for treatment centers for the last three years and is passionate about helping others. She is especially motivated about working with first responders who share similar backgrounds and struggles.
Outside of work, Amy has 4 kids ranging in ages from 23 to 16 and loves spending her free time with them - especially watching her son play football and her daughter dance. She loves the mountains and spends as much time as she can hiking, backpacking and exploring. Amy is also an avid writer and tries to use her story and writings to help as many people struggling with mental health and addiction as she can. She is thrilled to be a part of the Chateau Team and the phenomenal work that is done here.

Chris Jones

Program Director

Chris started working in the Therapeutic field in 2012 ranging from Wilderness Therapy in Utah, to Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Montana. I continue to feel inspired by the staff and clients I work with, and feel humbled by all they have to teach me as well. There’s something special about this type of work that forms strong relationships with one another.

When I’m not at work you can find me outside rock climbing, fly fishing, riding my bike or snowboarding down the mountain. I try to bring my dog on all of my adventures as well!

Chris Scallon

Chris Scallon

Director of Public Safety Support

Sergeant Chris Scallon retired as a 24+year veteran with the Norfolk Police Department, holds a Masters in Psychology, BS in Criminal Justice, and is certified in Critical Incident Stress Management from the University of Maryland BC Emergency Health Services.
He is the Founder of Survival Mindset Training and Consulting, the current Director of Public Safety Support for Chateau Recovery. He connects first responders, veterans, and their families to mental health and/or substance abuse program

Kyle Loveridge

Operations Director

Coming Soon