Mental Health, Trauma, and Addiction Treatment in Utah

At Chateau Recovery, we know that treatment options are not a “one size fits all” approach. That’s why we focus on using traditional, non-traditional, and personalized treatments to help individuals find lasting sobriety and meaningful purpose in their lives.

Flexible Treatment Plans Just For You

Chateau Recovery offers comprehensive and flexible rehabilitation programs that are not just defined by traditional 12 Step or static pre-planned models. Our entire recovery facility, treatment programs, and dedicated team help you create a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle without substances or the pressure of trauma symptoms.

A Proven Clinical Approach To Rehab

Chateau Recovery offers comprehensive programming that goes beyond traditional formulas found in typical rehabs. Our entire recovery facility,  clinical services, curriculum, and dedicated team are focused on helping you create your own individual recovery plan that improves all aspects of your life, not just one challenge.

Cutting Edge Ideas and Amazing Care

Research has proven that mental health challenges, often a result of trauma, are the driving forces behind addiction, many high risk behaviors, and social disconnection. Our approach offers support, personalization, and various therapeutic models to  help identify and treat the root causes of lifestyle impacting challenges.

What We Treat

Mental Health

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Dual Diagnosis

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Working With Chateau Recovery

Our passionate, trauma-informed, professional staff provide a safe and supportive backdrop for a therapeutic culture where change happens daily. Dynamic individual and group treatments explore personal challenges, provide new perspectives on old beliefs, and deliver practical tools and solutions you can build your new life around.

A Personalized Approach

A Personalized Approach

Recovery is about becoming the balanced and best version of yourself, not just adjusting one aspect of your life. Lasting recovery happens when it is deeply personal. Our facility and professional team works with you as they learn and practice implementing these new ideas and tools into each dimension of your life.

Knowledgeable, Helpful Staff

Knowledgeable, Helpful Staff

Each member of our team is here for YOU. We are focused on providing the education, treatment, skills and resources and help that individuals need to turn their life around. With life-changing guidance and direction from our team members, you’ll find a supportive, loving family that is with you through the entire process.

Healing the Whole Self

Healing the Whole Self

Recovering from substance abuse and/or trauma is not a quick or superficial fix. Altering every aspect of your life takes time, planning, support, and direction. Our team helps you slow down and address unhealthy coping mechanisms and relationships that need to be changed. Together we help you plan out how you want to make it happen.

Start Your Path to Recovery

Our Definition of Recovery

Recovery is about accepting our core selves and choosing to transform specific behaviors, values, and relationships so we can enjoy fulfilling lives. Each of our clients leave with a unique and personalized Self Leadership plan that they have created, understand and are passionate about.

Our program has been highly successful with clients that have experienced different previous treatment models. Many of our alumni rave about the innovative approach, the family-like culture, and the caring staff that make all the difference.