Bridger Ogden

Substance Use Disorder Counselor

16 years ago Bridger was given the opportunity to shadow a staff member at a residential treatment facility; he was fascinated and appalled at the level of suffering that individuals and family members were experiencing due to the drug epidemic.  Bridger immediately became a passionate advocate for the recovery movement and has worked in the field ever since.  Bridger has worked in an array of different treatment settings — youth residential, youth outpatient, adult residential, adult outpatient, wilderness therapy, etc.,and has found that there are as many pathways to recovery as there are individuals wanting to recover.  Bridger focuses on the individual and their passions because he believes that the way to sustain long term recovery is by creating a life worth choosing over drugs and alcohol.       

A collegiate athlete, Bridger has enjoyed playing sports his whole life, especially “whatever my kids are into at the time: football, basketball, soccer, rollerblading, golf…we’re pretty competitive.  I’m not proud of all the dumb ways I’ve gotten hurt since my kids became active, but I wouldn’t trade the connection I have with them for anything.”  Besides sports, Bridger enjoys going to the gym, reading, the outdoors, photography and all things related to history.    

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