Whole Self

You may have been trying to convince everyone around you that you are not one-dimensional and don’t have simple problems.  We understand, and agree. Substance abuse is often an attempt to solve problems in one or more of these dimensions. Superficial labels and rigid diagnoses alone often ignore our humanity and often create shame, reactivity and exclusion.

Your recovery requires flexibility and hope!  

Understanding and treating all dimensions of your experience – with therapy, peer support, “safe” fun and adventure, healthy living, experiential learning – helps you get “unstuck” by opening up to new perspectives and creative opportunities to help yourself.

So here is our philosophy, as reduced as possible: every human being is composed of multiple internal systems.  Substance use and its lifestyle consequences affect most, if not all, of these systems.

One of our goals, at Chateau Recovery, is to educate and empower you and your family/support network so no one gets “stuck” in painful patterns of blame, denial, and attempts to control one another.

In the same way that your problems are not “simple”, the solution also requires vigilance, consistent practice, empathy and resilience. Most individuals, or sometimes families, don’t slow down long enough to really examine each dimension themselves.  The very act of slowing down and taking a closer look creates more insight and appreciation for overlooked details.  At Chateau Recovery, we remove the distractions and create an environment to help you slow down and examine Mental and Emotional Wellness, Biological Wellness, Family System Wellness, Social and Interpersonal Wellness, and Transcendence.  Each of these meaningful areas needs attention and healing.

Let us show you how.

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