Value Development

Becoming self-aware and breaking addictive cycles are an intimidating and uncomfortable process. However, once you break free of dependence and reactive decision-making, you create space to invent your own path forward.

You really do have the choice to create your future… why not pursue your values?

We’ll show you how to create a life and reputation that matches your values and includes your loved ones.  ≈ Similar to the work involved in feeding an addiction, developing your values and new positive skills takes time, practice, and creativity. With expert support, redirecting your focus and work ethic may not be as hard as you think.

Sadly, most people suffering with addiction feel stigmatized, labeled, and often hide due to shame and judgment. Any recovery environment filled with reactive, close-minded, and black and white thinking often chokes growth, discourages creativity, and increases risk of repeat use.

Refocusing on values means helping individuals and families look outside of chemicals and behaviors and discover the bigger picture of what it means to be human. Being positive and noticing the good that is already happening in your life is a great place to start.

With therapy, comprehensive support and your practice, you will transition away from short-term external motivation that is often rooted in fear, manipulation, and instant gratification. We’ll help you fortify long-term and internal forms of lasting motivation that provide direction and self-mastery. Openness, empathy, and commitment to values are the way forward for those who want a life filled with bliss and connectedness.

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