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Addictive thinking is about unrealistic control, ego-centric justification, and compromising long-term values to meet short-term needs.  We help you explore and connect to values that increase personal potential. We support personal connections to ideas and belief systems larger than ourselves.  We encourage sharing responsibility, shifting perspective, and rebuilding personal integrity.


  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Art and Music Therapy
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Access to Optional Religious Meetings
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Canine Recovery Program
  • Yoga is offered 3 times a week at the Chateau and is also available at the Recreation Center
  • Addict to Athlete activities range from training for and completing 5k runs, outdoor games, yoga, and supporting service opportunities at local races. These activities typically coincide with support groups and offer a chance to meet other individuals who are active in doing the hard work of changing the focus of their lives
  • Meditation, also known as “Mindfulness” is the practice of being mindful of the breath through various breathing techniques and guided imagery. Practicing meditation on a physical and mental framework can lower stress levels by bringing the body into homeostasis or equilibrium, described as the “relaxation response.” High levels of stress can damage the body’s systems and make emotional distress like anxiety or depression more difficult to deal with. When stress levels are lowered the body has a greater potential to heal physically and mentally allowing for the systems that the body is comprised of to work in harmony and maintain emotional balance. Meditation practiced consistently can improve clarity of the mind by strengthening brain plasticity (brain neural communication). This practice offers mental tools for the self to process new information internally to feel more whole. This healing modality not only helps the one who practices mindfulness but also those around them by exhibiting a more pleasant attitude. We provide a meditation practice every morning Monday through Friday guiding clients towards tools of “breath success” that they may carry through out life allowing for a better, stronger handle on daily stresses.
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