Interpersonal and Social Wellness

Healthy relationships, strong boundaries, social supports, and sober fun should be an exciting parts of your meaningful future. Learn how to minimize stress and relapse risk with peers who are looking for the same creative answers.


  • Access to Diverse Recovery Support Groups
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Peer Feedback and Local Support Groups
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Outdoor Exploration and Sporting Events
  • Weekly Music and Art Therapy
  • Canine Recovery Program
  • Chemical independence from mind altering substances or behaviors that prohibit your ability to function in relationships, emotionally problem-solve, and pursue your personal values.  Through consistent boundaries, support groups, sponsors and having sober fun you will develop and maintain lasting positive relationships.
  • Group Therapy has long been considered one of the most powerful forms of treatment. Clients have the opportunity to participate in five, two-hour clinical-focused therapy groups weekly. They also attend 5 one-hour recovery-focused groups. Under the direction of a therapist, clients are able to address issues of emotion, cognition and behavior. Our clients’ experience and insight can provide valuable resources to other group members who may be struggling.
  • Clinical and recovery-focused therapy groups will often revolve around specific issues. These groups are therapist driven, didactic and psycho-educational in nature. Many themes of these groups include handling conflicts productively, mood management, self-efficacy, family issues, new coping skills, relationship-building and daily life skills. Other specialty groups are also provided. These presentations often focus on financial independence, personal organization, nutrition, and other relevant skills designed to encourage empowerment, personal health, and long-term sobriety and independence.
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