Family System Wellness

Family health has an enormous impact on the emotional and social development of each of us. Recovery support is most effective when each family member has the knowledge, skill, and focus they need to be successful.

Due to this we implement the following at the Chateau:

  • Weekly Family Therapy
  • Family System Education
  • Healthy Communication Skills

Every client who comes to Chateau Recovery is here for a variety of reasons. However, all clients share a common thread in that they are struggling (to a greater or lesser degree) with psycho-social issues that prevent them from taking full advantage in a completely normalized setting.

When a person struggles and demonstrates maladaptive behaviors, thinking, and emotions, the family system is inevitably affected. The pain, disappointment, anger, lack of motivation, or other problems of a child, often reverberates through the family system. Along with the client, the family must make adjustments to promote growth within the family and support such change. For this reason, family/couples therapy is an option available to the client, should they choose to do so. These sessions will focus on interpersonal communication and other aspects of family dynamics.

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