Daily Wellness

Self-worth comes from a sense of independence, effectiveness, and tested competence. Creating healthy daily habits, finding balance, adapting to change, and overcoming fears will help you see and experience the truth…Recovery works and it’s worth it.


  • Daily Living Skills Classes
  • Weekly Sessions with Case Manager
  • Family and Skills-Focused Weekend Passes
  • Weekly Discussions about client creation and implementation of their Personal Recovery Path.
  • The Daily logistics of life have a significant impact on our ability to function and focus on other areas of our well-being.  When there is a lack of balance in your personal system, this category is most often affected. Likewise, when you have stronger management skills in this area of your life, your ability to focus on the other areas also improves.
  • Taking knowledge and insight and converting them to new habits takes time, repetition, motivation, and support. This is especially true when starting these new habits in a treatment program. All residents of the program are provided a chance to attend the local recreation center and full-service gym two hours a day, five days a week. Yoga is offered three times a week in the facility, as well as at the recreation center. Outdoor and cardiovascular activities have proven to help with depression, attention problems, and other mental health and physical conditions. Therapeutic recreation also provides great opportunities for individual and relationships. Teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and endurance are just some of the life skills re-awakened when engaging in typical Chateau Recovery activities. Hiking, ropes courses, therapeutic walks, weightlifting, swimming, volleyball, and other sober fun activities make a difference in the daily mood and focus of those in treatment.
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