Biological Wellness

The overall health of our body directly impacts its ability to respond to daily challenges. Improving better health practices positively affects mental clarity, mood, and allows healing from the consequences of drug and alcohol use.


  • Substances Use and Brain Health Education
  • Daily Physical Activity
  • Nutritional Rehabilitation
  • Dietitian approved meals provided
  • Nutritional Rehabilitation
  • At Chateau Recovery, we provide a program that supports recovery of the total individual; this includes physical health as well as emotional and mental.  Few people fully understand the significant role that diet and nutrition plays in addiction and recovery as well as other conditions that often accompany addiction like depression, anxiety, and ADHD.  Research confirms that when a traditional recovery program is combined with a complete diet and nutritional supplementation program, an individual in recovery has more than a three times greater likelihood of staying clean and sober then if they simply attended a typical recovery program.
  • Unfortunately, when an individual is caught up in the midst of their addiction, proper diet and nutrition are usually ignored, which further exacerbates the body’s negative response to substances (addiction).  At the Chateau, an important part of our program is to restore the body’s physiology allowing it to repair from the strains of addiction.
  • To do this, we implement a nutrient-rich, whole food diet in combination with a specific supplementation program based off individual needs to support recovery.  In addition to three daily home-cooked meals prepared by our experienced chefs, the Chateau provides educational classes about the importance of nutrition and how diet affects mental and emotional health, including the biochemistry of the brain.
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