Innovative Choice Approach

Recovery is really about support, freedom, empowerment – not shame, labels, and isolation. Chateau Recovery believes in providing acceptance, perspective, and collaboration to individuals and families who are exhausted from the fight with addiction.  We don’t have a “one method fits all” approach.  Instead, we help you come into contact with traditional and nontraditional methods of individual and group support and allow you to create the path to health and recovery that you will understand and commit to.

Lasting long-term change often does not occur from simply enrolling in treatment, learning new skills, and being protected from triggering events or people. Lasting change happens when you believe in yourself.

Accepting responsibility for the quality and direction of your life, so far and from here on, is a big part of that challenge.  However, you do have peers who have proven successful practicing new skills and have faced social and emotional realities while creating a new path forward.

Our Choice Approach is incorporated at every level of our program.  Every one of our program and clinical staff is committed to helping you connect with reality, your values, and creating a recovery path that breaks old patterns of control and avoidance.

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