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We believe that the journey of individual wellness and recovery starts with personal choice.  Understanding and nurturing all aspects of personal development creates empathy, honesty, lasting motivation, and opportunities to live life outside of addiction.

Our approach is not defined by 12 Step or pre-planned models for your recovery.  We partner with you and help you create your personal path to a more fulfilling and independent life by looking at each dimension of your life through a fresh lens. Highly personalized assessments, treatment plans, and community and experiential interventions help you explore each dimension of your unique world and find choices and opportunities previously out of reach.  You may create a path with traditional recovery tools or you might want to explore new concepts.  The freedom and responsibility is yours.

Dual Diagnosis

Substance dependence and mental health issues are medical realities that need to be taken seriously. Our professional team uses comprehensive psychosocial interviews and addiction-specific assessments to help us create direction and focus for your treatment experience. However, we believe that focusing on labels and addictive behaviors alone restricts our perspective and your growth.  Understanding and accepting your fundamental uniqueness is complicated but worth the effort. This process includes exploring your personal history, key relationships, current skills and abilities, and your support network.  We can make a meaningful difference in your recovery by connecting with your reality and discovering your innate talents.

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Innovative Choice Approach

Recovery is really about support, freedom, empowerment – not shame, labels, and isolation. Chateau Recovery believes in providing acceptance, perspective, and collaboration to individuals and families who are exhausted from the fight with addiction.  We don’t have a “one method fits all” approach.  Instead, we help you come into contact with traditional and nontraditional methods of individual and group support and allow you to create the path to health and recovery that you will understand and commit to.

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Whole Self

You may have been trying to convince everyone around you that you are not one-dimensional and don’t have simple problems.  We understand, and agree. Substance abuse is often an attempt to solve problems in one or more of these dimensions. Superficial labels and rigid diagnoses alone often ignore our humanity and often create shame, reactivity and exclusion.

Your recovery requires flexibility and hope! 

Understanding and treating all dimensions of your experience – with therapy, peer support, “safe” fun and adventure, healthy living, experiential learning – helps you get “unstuck” by opening up to new perspectives and creative opportunities to help yourself.

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Value Development

Becoming self-aware and breaking addictive cycles are an intimidating and uncomfortable process. However, once you break free of dependence and reactive decision-making, you create space to invent your own path forward.

You really do have the choice to create your future… why not pursue your values?

We’ll show you how to create a life and reputation that matches your values and includes your loved ones.  Similar to the work involved in feeding an addiction, developing your values and new positive skills takes time, practice, and creativity. With expert support, redirecting your focus and work ethic may not be as hard as you think.

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Finding Balance

Creating and owning your new path forward is exciting and incredibly personal.  This does not mean you are alone or isolated. Defining your successful system of self-management and balance requires perspective and encouragement. We have designed a progressive program that utilizes mindfulness, social support, and proactive problem-solving discussions that bring people together for a common purpose: creating a meaningful life outside addiction.

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