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Chateau Recovery helps men and women resolve drug and alcohol problems 
in a private and secluded mountain setting. Our dedicated staff create unique custom recovery plans for every client and we're proud of our success rate.

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An experienced team that helps you move beyond the label of addiction

Our program combines the latest, cutting-edge approach with good 'old fashioned' service. Our team help clients reconnect with their personal values to build a better lifestyle ...

Utah addiction center

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Understanding YOU
and YOUR journey

Our drug & alcohol counselors, therapists and nurses are only interested in YOU and YOUR well being. Our team tailors custom recovery plans based around YOU and YOUR goals. We're ready to work with you to achieve a far more fulfilling
and independent lifestyle.

A proven approach based
on the latest knowledge

Our diverse and experienced team provide a proven path to recovery. Our new approach to drug rehab, alcohol & mental health issues is based on the very latest academic research and proven over and over in the real world. It's a very careful blend of theory & practice with a stunning 98% success rate ...

A recovery facility that
helps you find yourself

Chateau Recovery provides a safe, peaceful & comfortable place to rediscover yourself, establish new beliefs & practice positive lifestyle change. Clients enjoys a spacious room, great food and a balanced schedule that offers time for self reflection & recovery. Find new meaning and experience change.

World class medical care
and treatment plans

You can expect the very best care from the moment you contact us. Our team, facility and our entire approach is designed to achieve results. True lasting change and successful long-term recovery. We've spent years perfecting this unique approach and it WORKS. Start your journey - contact us.

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Chateau Recovery provides drug rehabilitation services to help men and women in and around Utah, overcome their struggle with substance use. Your "Utah addiction center" search request suggests a need for personal help or perhaps treatment for a loved one.

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All Utah addiction center consultants offer life changing advice and treatment that can help you escape the label of addiction.

Researching Utah addiction center online indicates you are serious about lifestyle change. Our entire rehabilitation team is ready to help.

We have already helped hundreds of people just like you, with highly personalized, non-12 step treatment plans that rely on a combination of traditional and non-traditional treatment. Chateau Recovery offers the highest clinician-to-client ratio in the industry and that means you get the best possible care by people who are truly invested in your future.

It's all about connecting with your core values, taking ownership and understanding your drug rehab options.

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Your Personal Recovery Team

A hand picked team with a truly diverse set of skills, training, talent & life experiences.
Success breeds confidence and years of experience has put us in a position
to help you grow AND build the courage for your important life changes.

Danny Warner

Chateau Recovery CEO

Ben Pearson, LCSW

Clinical Director

Eric Soleil

Director of Operations

Irene Kotter

Director of Business Development

Judith Moore

Medical Director

Susan Schauerhamer, MSN, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Janet DeMars, MS

Program Director

Reynie Sandoval, LCSW


Arch Egbert, CMHC


Julia Winterton, CMHC


Tanji Wolfert, SUDC

Substance Abuse Counselor

Brennan Watkins

Admissions Specialist

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The Chateau Recovery Program

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Individual Therapy
  • Individual & Group Sessions
  • Innovative Choice Approach
  • Belief & Values Development
  • Transcendent Wellness
  • Biological Wellness
  • Finding Inner Balance
  • Proven Recovery Paths

We believe that the journey of individual wellness and recovery starts with personal choice ...

Understanding and nurturing all aspects of personal development creates empathy,
honesty, lasting motivation, and opportunities to live life outside of addiction.

Our approach is not defined by 12 Step or pre-planned models for your recovery.
We partner with you and help you create your personal path to a more fulfilling
and independent life by looking at each dimension of your life through a fresh lens.

Highly personalized assessments, treatment plans, and community and experiential
interventions help you explore each dimension of your unique world and find choices
and opportunities previously out of reach. You might create a path with traditional
recovery tools or you may want to explore new concepts.

The freedom and responsibility to recover is ultimately yours ...

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Recent Client Testimonials

Shane Melaugh

I feel like me again. I learned things at the Chateau to help myself. Be in the moment, be a spectator of your life & just view it. Be emotionally in it. View it for what it is.

My quality of life keeps me motivated now. I love my life. I love how I feel about myself and I don’t want to go back to how I was. I just want to live my life how I feel right now, even if it is simple. Because I feel whole.


Shane Melaugh

The Chateau laid down the foundation for me to define my turning point. I found my personal turning point about a year after I left but the Chateau helped me define that path. The Chateau program serves the struggling addict. The person who is lost and feeling defeated. The program gives hope.


Shane Melaugh

Coming into the chateau I was at the lowest spot in my life. I feel like a much better person than I was and it will always have a place in my heart. Having a responsibility and accountability for someone other than myself, I learned sometimes there's things you can't control. Those type of things happen in real life and we all have to learn to come to terms with.


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The Chateau Recovery Facility

A quiet, comfortable and secluded recovery facility with a unique look, feel and experience.

Luxurious, calming and familiar settings for reflection, planning and rebuilding.

Clean, open and spacious group environments for learning, eating and recreation.

Private, restful and friendly rooms with incredible views afford ultimate comfort.

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